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Name:The Perfect Soldier

begin transmission;

This journal is used for multiple games at any given time. Entries pertaining to each verse will be clearly marked with a proper tag. All background history will be from it's orginal source material up unil the end of Endless Waltz and from various manga sources. Nothing will be taken from Frozen Teardrop (unless the novel somehow becomes canon *shudders*) at this time.

contact me;

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[AIM: kakumeishinigami
[YIM]: flash_and_fade

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how's my driving?


This journal is for roleplay/prompts only. I do not own Heero Yuy or anything from Gundam Wing in anyway. That honor would belong to TV Asahi, Sotsu Agency, and Sunrise. This journal may contain adult concepts and anything that is NC-17 for smuttiness or violence is clearly marked as such. So if you happen to be underage then stay away.
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